ACER R271bmid 27″ Full HD IPS LED Monitor





With its large 27” screen and thin design, the Acer R271bmid Monitor is ideal for home or business use.ZeroFrameThe R271bmid features ZeroFrame technology which reduces the size of the bezel. It’s impressively thin too – at 6.6 mm it’s slimmer than the average smartphone. Along with looking clean and modern it reduces the amount of space the monitor takes up, so you can work on larger screen without it taking over your desk. Impressive picture qualityFrom writing essays to streaming films, everything you do will benefit from bright colours, sharp contrast, and high detail.You’ll experience beautifully natural colour reproduction thanks to the high contract ratio. If you’re editing photos or sharing documents, you can be confident that the colour you see on screen is what you’ll print, send, or upload.Comfortable computingYou can work for longer in comfort thanks to the flickerless display with blue light filter. Constant exposure to blue light causes eye strain, so the filter built into the monitor helps to cut it down to allow you to concentrate on the task at hand and work at your best.Acer’s ComfyView technology reduces light reflection from bright artificial light, making it ideal for offices.Work with high-quality visuals with the Acer R271bmid 27″ Full HD IPS LED Monitor.

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